We are open almost every weekday for your convenience.

Referral from a dentist is not required to see us, just ring the surgery number directly. We will obtain any x-rays and relevant information from your dentist if needed.

We provide an interest-free payment plan option to ease financial pressure. After the initial lump sum payment when treatment commences, the rest of the balance is spread over time, up to 20 months. If a longer payment plan is desired, then you can use a third party provider like Denticare.

We accommodate same-day dental emergencies during our normal business hours. If you have an emergency (brackets, wires, modules or trauma), you can almost certainly be seen on the same day, unless the available times do not suit you.

We use the latest infection control techniques and up-to-date sterilisation equipment.

Minimum relegation. Dr Liew treats each and every patient from start to finish.

We take progress x-rays to check for root angulation and resorption during treatment.

We use the indirect bonding system of placing braces to ensure accurate placement of brackets.

Routine use of fixed retainers in conjunction with night time wear of removable retainers to maintain alignment of teeth long term after removal of braces. This prevents relapse of pre-treatment crowding.

Maintain long post-treatment retention checks to ensure long term alignment of teeth. However, we do start to charge for retention check appointments 4 years after removal of braces.