When is a good time to take your child to see an orthodontist? Is it too early now? I would say 6 is a good age to bring your child to see us.

Correction of problems early makes treatment easier even though it may not obviate the need for further future treatment. Developmental problems that may require early correction include:


  • Digit-sucking habits

  • Mouth-breathing

  • Narrow upper jaw

  • True or functional cross bites

  • Space loss

  • Ectopic eruption


This is the most common period for commencing orthodontic treatment. Correction of crooked teeth instills confidence and self-esteem. In addition, straight teeth promote healthy teeth and gums.

If your teen has any of the following, it is time to contact us for an initial consultation:

open bite
over bite
under bite


Am I too old to have braces? Many people who missed out on having their teeth straightened as a child can still benefit from treatment as an adult. More and more adults are entering orthodontic treatment to improve aesthetics and self-confidence. Due to the rate of tooth movement in adults usually being slower, a longer treatment time is expected. If a short duration treatment is paramount, then compromised treatment is possible. Teeth are aligned while bite is left alone. Upper teeth may be straightened while the lowers are left untreated. Treatment duration of 1 year is achievable.

If full treatment is desired and skeletal deformity is present, treatment in combination with jaw surgery may be required. Skeletal deformity may mean:

  • Long/short face

  • Deep/open bite

  • Protruding/short chin

  • Retrusive midface