Dr Elbert Liew

BDSc., MDSc.

The Tamworth Orthocare team is led by Dr Liew.

Dr Liew grew up in Malaysia but completed Year 12 in Rockhampton, Queensland. He went to Queensland University to study a Bachelor of Dental Science and graduated with honours in 1987. After working in central Queensland for 3 years, he gained entry to the same university to do his Masters of Dental Science in orthodontics in 1991. After graduation, he went on to work at Westmead Hospital Clinical School for a year then he worked in Sydney areas until he took over the Tamworth practice in 2008.

Dr Liew is meticulous and passionate about his work. He strives to obtain high quality treatment and results for every patient. Apart from the collection of records and removal of braces, Dr Liew looks after a majority of his patients right from the beginning of consultation to the end of treatment, ensuring continuity of care.

Dr Liew removes braces only when he sees fit, irrespective of the time period or the completion of payment of services. This means treatment may take longer than expected and cooperation with patients is paramount to obtain the best results in the shortest possible time.

Dr Liew uses the indirect system of placing braces to ensure accurate placement of brackets. He takes progress OPG x-rays towards the end of treatment to check for root angulation and root resorption. Dr Liew uses fixed retention in conjunction with night time wear of removable retainers to ensure treatment results that last.

Dr Liew attends continued education courses and reads journals to keep up to date with his knowledge and development in technology. He is a member of the Australian Dental Association and Australian Society of Orthodontists.